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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Just wrote a new creative writing piece- debating on posting it. Most likely I will; it's just a tad intense for what I normally write. It was for my creative writing class. I turn it in tomorrow, so cross your fingers for me. I'll edit it later today, and I'll most likely post it this evening...

Other than writing, I just got over a nasty stomach bug or food poisoning, I'm honestly not really sure which. It's amazing how GOOD I feel now that it is over! Ahhh. So much better. :)

Super excited for my news piece for my one class which will be a feature. I'm writing about the local coffee shop on our square that has been open for a year. It's such a trendy place, and I'm hoping to write about some of the events they have going on there.

I'll get that edited and up so you can all read now! :)

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