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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Playing with Fire.

Perhaps, this calling is the channel of invention,
I will not blush if others see it as a crime.
However dangerous the road, however distant,
These things won't compromise the will of the design.
Ten thousand Demons hammer down with every footstep,
...Ten thousand Angels rush the wind against my back.
The church of mine may not be recognized by steeple,
That doesn't mean that I will walk without a God. ♥
May I introduce you to Brandon Flowers, for those of you who have not heard of him. His big hit is "Crossfire" which is a beautiful song and takes me to a place a few hundred miles away from here when I hear it. The lyrics above are from his song "Playing with Fire", which is one of my favorites on his album Flamingo. These lyrics have such weight... it's exactly how I look at my writing; some people might not think I write about appropriate things (seeing as right now, I'm writing about a woman addicted to cocaine while pregnant), but hey, I just write what I see, hear, and experience, and the world is sometimes not a pretty place. Check out his album if you are in need of a little indie-ish kick in your style for the day.

Check back soon for a blog. Spring Break is this week which means I am writing, writing, writinggggg. :)

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