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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Out of the box.

It is 7:31, and I am sitting at my computer attempting to work on my accounting project, and yet I find typing a blog while drinking coffee and eating Death By Chocolate Cake a bit more exciting (although, surprisingly, accounting has been fun!).

Today was a lazy day in my part of Pennsylvania. Rain, movies, and books pretty much made up my entire day. I'm reading a book entitled "The Swan Thieves" by Elizabeth Kostova; it truly is one of the most beautifully written books I have ever read. She has such a voice. If you are an artist, this book might be a tremendous read for you, and even if you aren't, there is much to be appreciated in her effortless prose that I'm sure while the book was in progress was not so effortless to write. Her description and characterizations are magnificent.
My parents, on a whim or perhaps off their rockers, purchased a 3-D television, so of course, I watched "Alice in Wonderland" today. It took a bit getting used to the glasses (way oversized for my head; kind of makes me wonder if I have a brain), and the motion from the 3-D forms popping out was enough to make me sick until I got used to it. My parents are more high tech than me; I'll keep my regular TV for now, although I basically never watch TV anyways.

School-wise, everything is bloody perfect now that I've dropped Exporting & Importing. And I'd like to say what I withheld from the professor while he basically berated me for dropping his class: go $%&@ yourself. Learn to teach, and maybe I'll take your class.
Accounting is surprisingly fun, if I dare say so... The professor is an amazingly humorous man who makes the hour and ten minutes fly, and I have to admit I am learning a plethora of information which is interesting.
Professional writing is going well; I'm excited to attend Lavonne Mueller's writing workshop once I get back from Spring Break; unfortunately, I have not seen any of her plays, but she is a world-renowned playwright and is very prolific. I'm writing my feature piece for my professional writing class on the writing workshop with her, so I'm hoping the event goes well, which I am sure it will.
Sex and Gender in Society is an intense class due to the information presented, but I love it. The professor is so open minded and completely nontraditional that it makes the class impossible not to love.
And last, but certainly not least: Creative Writing. Ahhh. I have come to the conclusion that I am the biggest nerd ever. I had a meeting with my professor on Friday before I left for Spring Break to discuss ideas for my dialogue piece which was only supposed to last 10 mins, and I spent almost an hour there. Apparently, I am an overachiever, seeing as I brought five pages of characterization and dialogue that I had written. I feel as if I'm pushing the envelope with this one, which makes me uncomfortable and exhilarated all at the same time. But hey, what is life if you don't step outside of the box?

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