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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Writing and Beach Season do not mix.

What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?
This question is such a simple question for me to answer because it is innately programed into my brain: write a book!
If I knew I could sit down at a computer and just start typing a continuous stream of consciousness without exerting much effort, bang it out in a few days induced with caffeine, and take it to a publisher only to have them swoon and become smitten with my characters... Ah, what a dream.
But not really. Who wants to write a book in only a few days because it's so easy? Oh, don't get me wrong, I know a lot of author's out there can write a full novel in a month, but the prolific track is not really the track I'm set to be on, at least for now. I'm so caught up in perfection, and although I've learned to allow myself just to write without thinking, it still is very difficult for me not to go back and edit. I have learned the trick of half closing my laptop, or closing my eyes in order to keep myself from twitching due to a typo back in paragraph three. I don't want to write a book because it's easy; I want to do it because it's difficult. You're talking to the girl who took Honors Trig because she "wanted to get into a good college". honors would make or break the bank...What I wouldn't give to go back three years and smack myself for what I put myself through. (Word to the wise: If you suck at math [aka ME], just don't. Don't.)
I'm itching to get back to school so I'll be forced to time manage because unfortunately, my laptop gets this evil thing called the Internet which is the bane of my existence. F you, Facebook and Email. And I've given up on my Panera visits: way too expensive for my poor wallet, and I don't get shit done anyways because I run into a bajillion people I know.
Also, the cell phone is HUGE distraction. Text messages, however nice they are to receive, are these pins to my thought balloons. Poof! There goes my idea for a scene/character/subplot. So, celly is going on silent under my pillow during my writing period, thus forgive me if I don't answer for a few hours/days/weekends.
Until I get back to school, I've given up on exercising. Hell, they have a full gym up there, so Lauren as of right now is just focusing on writing and getting her stuff in order (packing for college is a bitch, and those boxes ain't light, so that should burn a few extra calories). My schedule is beautiful this semester, with MWF having classes begin at 12:30; no folks, this does not mean I will be sleeping in until 11:55. I'm actually waking my groggy self up at 8 AM every morning while I am at school so I can work out these three days in the gym, pumping some iron. Beach season, you also fit into the F you category with Facebook and Email. So, if you're from E-town College and you don't see me in the gym by 9, I live in Schlosser. Come find my dorm room, there will be an airhorn hanging outside with a sign that reads PLEASE USE IN CASE OF EMERGENCY (AKA Lauren didn't get her lazy ass out of bed). Although I may greet you with a punch in the face, it just means I love you, I promise.

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