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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Here goes nothing....yeah right, get real.

Back to college in a week, and although it's going to be a really tough semester, I'm looking forward to the challenge. (I also said this about my British Literature final paper, having chose the hardest topic because I "wanted a challenge"....ooooo that was stupiddddd. Tip to all college students: work hard, but take the easy road when you can, AKA, don't be Lauren...but anways...) Being home in Spring Grove does not suit me well, apparently. I just get restless, having very little at my fingertips to dive into; for those of you who don't live in Spring Grove, there is nothing to do. Yes, I know this sounds cliche, but there is not even a decent coffeeshop in the area for a girl to pop into to write! This is a sin; one day, maybe I'll open one here. It's odd; one would think that with all of this time on my hands, I should be getting some superb writing done, but I have found that a hectic schedule yields my greatest works, or so I think.
Where some people hate being stressed out, I love the feeling of frazzled nerves and coffee highs. Well... I don't love it. But I sure as hell do notice a huge difference in me when I am not jacked up on caffeine or have three bajillion pages to read for classes. Stress suits me well. I love schedules, and I love when I have to make time for downtime, not when my whole day is downtime and I have to fill it with something meaningful. I need a purpose to my life. Hence why, in my discussion with a friend, I am not trophy wife material (thank you very much for a hit to my self-esteem). No, but really, I understood what he was saying even as he stuck his foot in his mouth in attempt to redeem himself, which was hilarious; I can't just sit at home all day! I GO CRAZY. Arm candy for her husband, this girl is NOT. I will work for my money, thank you very much, while maintaining my sanity.
I'm really excited because I just received two amazing books as a gift that have to deal with writing! One teaches you how to brainstorm characters, because really folks, writing is some hard shit. I read this quote once that said that writers are basically people with multiple personalities but not as crazy because they are able to call forth a characteristic of themselves but then add traits that they don't necessarily possess. It's some hard work making up people; can you say brain workout?
The other book is a really awesome interactive one that helps you plan out a novel. It is called "Book in a Month", and although this might sound overly ambitious especially for a newbie like myself, I'm hoping that maybe at least I'll have some good ideas in a month. Although self-motivation and dedication are important, I've found that for me, my issues really lie in expecting too much of myself in the beginning. Perfectionism is a blessing, but with writing, it can be a real pain in the arse, too. No one sits down to write the first time and walks away with every page being perfect, just as no musician practices a piece for the first time and walks away with it being perfect. There is always room for improvement.
I also received a writing magazine for Christmas, and I am so excited to use some of the ideas to help fuel my pursuit toward putting words on the page.
So friends, I'm off to do some research and to brainstorm because my inner nerd thinks writing is more fun than getting shitfaced. God, I am not normal in comparison to other college students.

P.S- it's the weekend! Get off of the Internet and go do something fun :)

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