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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Today I decided to step outside of my comfort zone located in Panera to expand my horizons of writing territory a bit. After sleeping ten hours straight (yes, I have an amazing life filled with beautiful sleep patterns some nights), I showered, played with the pup, and headed on my merry way to Guthrie Memorial Library in Hanover, PA. Although I may give Hanover some crap for not having a very eclectic variety of things to do for college students, I do love Hanover for its history and beautiful architecture. I hate driving on the streets of Hanover, but I love they way they look, especially this time of year being covered in snow.
If you live anywhere near this library (located right past the original Famous Hot Weiner close to the Eichelberger Building) I recommend you visit. Even though I'm here to write, they do seem to have a very large range of books. And to my surprise, they have a Keurig coffee maker! Even though it was already 11 by the time I got here, I still freaked out a bit. They even had a nice older woman there to help me, and the coffee was only a buck (CHEAP).
Three cheers for Hanover for having a beautiful library that I definitely will be visiting again in the future :)

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