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Sunday, August 1, 2010


Whisper in the breeze and follow that star,
footsteps in the snow found going too far.
Oh Sister Silent, don't look at me so,
your eyes say it all; you already know.

Soft hands on skin, waking from deep sleep
rising to view blue tides and trees that weep.
On the shores of revelry, love was cast;
Step silent to the ship, steady the mast.

With stars cradled in our palms, Heaven in mind,
two souls of God forever entwined,
we sail to the banks of that misty, chill place,
land and put foot on sand, dancing with grace.

Those stars are ours, and patiently they gaze,
down upon heads, their love ablaze.
Lips whisper promise come from the heart:
Two ships anchored at port slowly depart.

Seldom mine eyes find beauty as like yours
worth following the swallow to distant shores.
Recede into darkness, lost between sleep and wake;
Oh Sister Silent, this is our fate.


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