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Sunday, August 8, 2010

acrylic and sushi: a match made in Heaven.

I can't decide whether I like sunsets or sunrises more. They're both poetic and beautiful in their own way. Honestly, my lazy, teenage self hasn't witnessed too many sunrises, seeing as I'd have to be awake at an 'ungodly' hour (it is an ungodly hour if you go to bed only 3 hours before that...oh, college life, how I miss you.). The only sunrises I have really seen have been the ones out on Lake Raystown while waiting for Moby Dick to take my bait. Other than that, I've only purposefully risen with the sun on one occasion, which of course with my luck, dictated that the sun be modest, hiding his nakedness behind a robe of clouds.
Of course some people pick favorites. Mother for example prefers sunrises because she likes to get up, have her coffee, and see the dawn. My neighbor, never up before 9 AM on a weekend, obviously enjoys sunsets, especially with the patio he has; it's angled perfectly to take on a view of the sun slipping below the Pigeon Hills. So, my blog, my opinion...
I like them both equally. No, this does not mean I am being indecisive or skirting the issue of choosing, thank you very much. I just like them both. Both are necessary in life, behind the apparent idea that if the sun didn't rise we wouldn't have day or if it didn't set, we'd always be in complete light. Metaphorically, sunrises and sunsets both play their part in making sure when we humans wake up the next morning, we can put left in front of right, no matter how poor our day was prior.
When I watch a sunrise, I get bubbly. If you know me, I love bubbles even at this age, so you can imagine how excited I get when I start to feel bubbly. There is something about knowing you have your whole day ahead of you that is like being fed Inspiration Pills. I don't find this when I just wake up in the morning. It only comes when I sit with my necessary cup of fuel and watch the world come more into focus second by second. Perhaps it's an adjustment thing; sleep to cognitively embracing the day with a sunrise. Sunrises are so pure and innocent. If a sunrise had a smell, I'm convinced it would smell like a newborn's skin, full with the possibilities of life. Everything lies ahead of you, with the only thing in the present being the sound of birds, perhaps a slight breeze, and the dawning of the day dancing in one's hair. It's exhilarating.
Sunsets, on the other hand, I find to be my wind down, as most people do. We have a patio at my house, which gets all of the evening light. I love sitting out in our wicker chairs, the chiminea's embers slowly losing their glow, cup of coffee in hand (yes, I am an addict.). I try not to look at sunsets and think, "Today is over...Thank GOD." Yes, shitty days happen. No two ways about that. But really, what optimist wants to finish up his or her day like that? Instead, I just think, "Today happened...Thank God." Of course good days make it easier for those words to be said, but bad days deserve some recognition, too, which is a whole other blog entry. To me, sunsets are the ginger in your day, the fresh ginger you have while eating sushi: You eat a piece of sushi, savor the taste, then before you try another, you take a piece of ginger. Ginger root is a palate cleanser, allowing you to taste the next piece without having flavors mix. Sunsets are palate cleansers. They don't wipe away the memories made from the current day, dwindling in its last moments; That palate cleanser can help wash away a bad day, or it can be proof that a good day happened.
A goal of mine is to buy an easel (found one at good, ole Target for $25. I do cheap. It's a college student thing, you wouldn't understand). I'm going to take this easel into my yard or out on the Dell up at school, set that sucker up, and paint away while watching a sunrise. Hey, if inspiration is birthed in me from that beautiful ball of fire coming into view, what better time to paint, right?
And at the end of the day, I'll order sushi, park my butt on my wicker chair, and enjoy each piece, including the ginger.
I welcome company for either.

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