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Friday, November 19, 2010

Short Story: Part III

Oh Ronald, please tell me you're joking... Tonia's mental image of Mr. Handsome and herself walking hand in hand while snow clung to his gorgeous black eyelashes was squashed, as if Ronald's fat ass itself had sat directly on it.

"So, you're saying he's a jerkoff?" Tonia wasn't giving up hope yet; the scent of a kindred man had contacted her olifactory system, and she was not willing to let go so easily.

Ronald finished his biscotti and said, "I mean, I've only talked to him once, and my man-instinct said to me, 'Man, this guy is a real doucher.'"

"And what makes you say that, Ronald?"

"Well, I went into his office the first day he was at work; you were out sick: A.K.A- playing hookie, but anyways..."

Tonia restrained the idea to just kick him in his lard of a nutsack. She needed to know: To still pursue, or not to pursue the worthy-of-Armani-model-that-acutally-looks-like-he-might-have-a-cerebral-cortex.

"... he was on the phone having a conversation that was obviously a personal call, which helloooo, he's at work. Personal calls equals big no-no."

"What makes you say it was personal?" Tonia pried.

"I mean, he had the call on speaker phone, and since he had his back to the door, I could hear everything. He was talking to a man who sounded close to tears, saying something about how everything would be ok and he would try to work things out with him later. And the guy on the other line said, 'Look Brian, you made a committment to me. You do know what committment is, right?' And that's all I caught, because by that time, Resident Asshole spun around, saw me standing there, and freaked a shit! I never even met the guy before, and the first words out of his mouth were, 'Excuse me, do I know you?' Psh, how rude."

Seems like a pretty logical question to me, you fucktard. Damn, she was getting pretty good at this filtering thing. Mentally, Tonia ran through all of the information she had just received, filing it in order: so, Ronald had been spying, heard what seemed to be a very personal phone call with another guy, close to tears, committment... A lightbulb went off so brighly in Tonia's head she was temporarily blinded. Or it could have been from the anguish of realizing: Brian, or New Resident Asshole was gay.

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