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Monday, February 21, 2011

check up.

First, let me say it is great to be back. I have missed writing so much. With my schedule this semester, between trying to do all of my school work and getting some rest in for me, writing has taken a backseat to classes like Accounting and Exporting and Importing.

Luckily for me, accounting is actually interesting, despite the fact I have to use a calucaltor for the simplest computations. Exporting and Importing...well, let's just say, I'm not planning on doing anything with that, so I've just decided that since it is a two credit class, I'm blowing it off. As long as I pass, I'm okay with it. Writing is my thing, and I need to make time for it. Damn exporting and importing to Hell.

This semester, along with my two business courses also has two writing courses. SO EXCITED. Professional writing is amazing, but creative writing...ah. It is my baby. If only I could write for hours each day...

Right now, I'm struggling with finding material to write about. I've abandoned my one project so I could start another one. The idea of the last one was too much of a copy-cat from another book, although I did like bits and pieces of my ideas. I'll set it aside and see if anything comes from it.

Check back soon. I'm hoping to have a creative post up, or a reflection, in a day. My brainwaves just are not working at the moment (I haven't had my coffee).

P.S- what is with this weather!? Weather God, you are such a filthy tease....

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